ChromeCSV: Exporter for passwords from Chrome to CSV.

29 Jan 2014

So recently, Fluidblue, a friend of mine, officially released PassDeposit. PassDeposit is a high-security online password manager with a beautiful interface. If you’re interested in the inner workings, check out the code!

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How to build the best Coffee Table ever for 6.50€

25 Aug 2013


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Discourse Plugin: Konami Code

21 Jul 2013

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talkbox.js: a XMPP-connected webchat

10 Jul 2013

{% include repos/talkbox.js/ %}

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tuSync: for iTunes libraries

27 Dec 2012

tuSync is a tool to sync an itunes library to any mp3 player like android devices.

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Obacht!: a clone of "Achtung die Kurve"

16 Dec 2012

Obacht is a small game I am developing to enhance my overall experience-tuning and OpenGL 2D experience.

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11 Jan 2012

JAmp is an attempt to code an iTunes alternative, mainly to create "more" intelligent playlists, like
genre=electronic && skips<=0.5*plays && !(1<=vote<=3)

The project is currently postponed indefinetely, mainly because I just couldn't find the time. For details, see:

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Rendering the Buddhabrot

09 Jan 2012

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