Mash for Live - a 24h Hack from Music Hack Day 2014 in Berlin

08 Sep 2014

tags: featured, musichackday, berlin

For the weekend I visited Music Hack Day 2014 in Berlin. It was excellent!

While I was there, Zsolt and I worked on a small project: Mash for Live. It allows you to find downloadable songs on SoundCloud, and then automagically (well, most of the magic is done by The Echo Nest) generate an Ableton Liveset with pre-sliced clips for mashing up the track. Isn’t that wonderful?

Go ahead, have a try!

The code is also available.

Also thanks for the help of the API partners Paul Lamere and Erik Michaels-Ober!

For more info on the Music Hack Day, check the Website or the list of hacks done there over on Hacker League.

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