Rant: About IntelliSense

17 Jul 2012

tags: featured, rant, intellisense, microsoft, visual studio

So, Visual Studio seems like a good IDE. It has most features one would seek in a programming environment and has nice erm... nothing.

There is syntax-highlighting, but only for C/C++ and some other bullsh*t languagues (if you can call C# a programming language).

The main best feature I have found yet is the ability to have two windows of source code open at one point. Whoa, what a unique feature. Oh, and installing "Productivity Power Tools" lets you have a nice overview of the code as scrollbar, but that's an extension. Why would a piece of software like that cost a whopping 500 bucks? I mean, vim can do more than VS if you don't add any addons and is open source.

Now for IntelliSense.

IntelliSense is what Microsoft calls the Ctrl+Spacebar that every IDE has now. It lists every Member a node has once you start typing. It's pretty helpful if you're too lazy reading the APIs for the libraries you are using or if you just forgot what arguments a function takes.

But, for some reason, some numbnut at MS decided to handle the Ctrl+Space event in the main UI thread, hanging the whole of Visual Studio if you accidentally hit it when having a lot of includes in a file. Or if it just decides to rescan your whole workspace. It does that while the UI patiently waits for the scan to complete. Effectively, if you have a big solution open, VS will pause for a few minutes, giving you the ability to get some coffee. Or kick your monitor. Or shoot someone.

Better just not start using VS at all.

*tearing hair out of my head*

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